Day Trip From Bruges: Bike to Holland


Aside from the fabulous beer and fries, there is a tradition that you must take part in to have the full Belgian experience; Biking. Biking is one of the main forms of transportation in Belgium and has been integrated into the culture and daily life of Belgians around the country. From small towns to big cities, you cant go far without seeing a happy biker. And for good reason, there are bike paths EVERYWHERE in Belgium. Biking is also the secret to how they stay skinny with all those fries 😉


Ignore the creeper face i’m making and check out how cute that windmill is!

While visiting the notoriously picturesque city of Bruges I headed outside of the city center to try out Biking. My travel companions and I opted for a 34KM (21 mile) day trip from Bruges to the small town of Sluis. Who doesn’t want the bragging rights of biking to another country?! This is also quite a good ‘beginners’ bike ride. The Netherlands (Literally called Pays Bas – Low Country in French) are a very flat country making this ride even suitable for those nursing a hangover .

Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 9.43.41 PM

A daily bike rental will set you back about €12, not bad!

We headed out around 11 to grab our bikes and start our journey to Holland. This was perfect because by our halfway point were hungry and ready for lunch. We stopped in the adorable town of Damme which was just shy of directly in the middle of our trip.


The storybook small town Damme.


The soup was too good to take a before shot.

After devouring some delicious bread, and soup that tasted like it was made with pure love we headed back off to cross the border.


We thought it was pretty cool to bike into a country, no border check required just an obligatory border photo.


After crossing the border Sluis is just 2 Km away! Sluis, is a small but very cute town in the Neatherlands. Originally Sluis was a port of Bruges, nowadays it is a popular destination with tourists looking to nab a taste of Holland. Visit a windmill, try pancakes, eat some fresh Zeeland (Sea-Land, the name of the region) fish , snack on some traditional cheese, or take a look at some of the sex shops that the Netherlands are famous for. We opted for pancakes and coffee before heading back to Brugge.


You call them pancakes, I call them crêpes.


PS – I visited Sluis again and found a fresh fish market that has a cafeteria style restaurant and the food is not to miss. I would bike there again just for the fish and chips at Fieret’s Fish Market.


Fresh fish at fish stick price! I drool every time I look at this picture it was so good.

Have you been on some killer biking day trips? I would love some suggestions for the next time I’m on two wheels!



  1. Really cool suggestion for a trip in Holland! Also, a great way to explore smaller towns which one may not get a chance to see otherwise. Apparently, there’s a lit path in the Netherlands inspired by Van Gogh’s Starry Night. I would love to bike through that one day.

    1. Thank you! It was really a blast and biking is really easy in the Netherlands so you can go pretty far and quickly! There is, it is in the city of Eidehoven! I went to see the bike path one time and they were having a light festival so the path is still on my bucket list!

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