Cristen En Route

En Route: During the course of a journey. Borrowing from the french term en (on) and route (the way) 

If you had told me five years ago that I would be a college graduate living in France, I would have most likely asked you what kind of crazy you were. Five years ago I was lost. Working two part time jobs with no clear vision of my future. My unhappiness was evident to me and everyone around me so I began to look for change. On my my 21st birthday June 29 2010 I took the first step and applied to college. As a late applicant I applied to three in state schools which had rolling deadlines and hoped for one acceptance letter. A few months later I was accepted into Salem State College University and started down a road that would change my life 1000 times over.As soon as I applied to school I knew that study abroad would be a part of my college career. I had opened a door of possibility and I knew that this was my opportunity to take everything it had to offer. During the first semester of my senior  year I hoped on my first transatlantic flight and headed to a semester in Grenoble France. The four months that I spent in this amazing city ignited my wanderlust and I knew that four months of travel was no where near enough. A week before heading home from France (with mediocre french speaking skills) I applied to head back in the fall after my upcoming graduation through the TAPIF program. I am now living in a small city in the north east of France exploring, and eating as much Compté as I can get my hands on. While en route to finding my happiness I have been able to find so much more.



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