From Girl Scout Cookies To Twenty Years on The Trail

Oh, the Appalachian Trail. Some people know it as 2,160 miles from Springer Mountain, Georgia to Mt. Katahdin, Maine. The 2,663 mile Pacific Crests little sister holds a special place in my heart and my love affair with this trail started with…Girl Scout cookies

When I was old enough to start gathering patches on my Brownies sash, I quickly realized that going door to door selling cookies was not what I envisioned the girls version of Boy Scouts to be.I didn’t want to learn how to sew, be a sales person, or camp in a (electricity provided) cabin! I wanted to learn survival skills, how to tie intricate nots, and pee in the woods! Luckily my parents saw my disappointment and took matters into their own hands. At age 10 I donned a pair of sneakers, a backpack, and a thirst for the outdoors and embarked on my first long weekend ‘section hike’ on the Appalachian Trail. Continue reading