12 Romantic European Destinations: Where to visit when you want to feel like a princess.

There is an inexpressible feeling that we carry with us while traveling. A feeling of happiness that is not quite definable, for a moment you are transformed back into your curious, childhood self, and the world is filled with questions yet again. There have been many attempts to define this undeniable sensation. Call it wanderlust, call it curiosity, call it happy to not be at work. Whatever you choose to attribute the spark we all feel when exploring a new country or city, it’s there. While this magical feeling is ever-present for me when exploring, there are some destinations that made me pinch myself Here are five destinations in Europe, which made me feel like a princess.

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Impress Your Friends: Bike From Belgium to Holland in a Day


Aside from the fabulous beer and fries, there is a tradition that you must take part in to have the full Belgian experience; Biking. Biking is one of the main forms of transportation in Belgium and has been integrated into the culture and daily life of Belgians around the country. From small towns to big cities, you cant go far without seeing a happy biker. And for good reason, there are bike paths EVERYWHERE in Belgium. Biking is also the secret to how they stay skinny with all those fries 😉

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London in a Day

I have been dreaming about visiting London for as long as I can remember. It has been a destination on my bucket list from the time I first heard The Beatles, and cemented its place with the first Shaksperean play I read in high school. (A Midsummer Night’s  Dream being my all time favorite). Being on a shoestring budget I had been hesitant to commit to a trip to what most Europeans refer to as a very expensive city (yes the pound is worth more than the euro and MUCH more than the dollar). Continue reading