How to Vote Abroad: Don’t be that American that has to tell your foreign friends that you LET Trump win.


Ok lets be honest, the current state of affairs that is being called the race for the next President of the United States has become a dark joke. Memes flood the Internet mocking the candidates, and debates have become more ‘entertaining’ than reality tv. As funny as this lighthearted attitude seems to be, what the voter turnout numbers are saying about democrats in the current primaries are less humorous than a Fox News broadcast. For all the anti-Trump rhetoric that I see daily on my Facebook I wonder why in the world are the poll numbers so low Democratic (or anyone but Trump) America! Continue reading

My head first leap into TAPIF

TAPIF, or the Teaching Assistant Program in France is a cultural exchange program organized by the French Ministry of Education, Centre International D’Études Pedagogiques (CIEP), and the Cultural Services of the French Embassy. It is a whirlwind seven month experience in which native english speakers can live and work in France as an assitant de launge etranger (foreign language assistant). For seven months you are paid a modest wage for working 12 hours a week with (usually) adorable French children.

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